by Bongs Lainjo


UIU-ICSD 2017 – Guidelines and Template for full paper

Title of Paper

Johann S. Bach1, Martin Dupont2 and Frank Zappa2 (Author/s)

1 institute/company, city (country) (Author Organisation)

2 institute/company, city (country)


Include a short summary of your paper here. The summary should be between 10 and 15 lines (150-250 words), and should include keywords.

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  1. Introduction

This is both a guideline and a template for preparing your manuscript for the Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Development (UIU-ICSD 2017), to be held on 16-18 February 2017 at UIU, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh. To format your manuscript correctly, use the fonts and type sizes, as well as paper settings defined in this document. The length of the paper may not exceed 12 (twelve) pages, including references. All papers have to be submitted on or before December 31, 2016. The manuscript must be emailed as a .pdf and .doc (or .docx) file to the email id: XXXXXXXXXXX

  1. Paper formatting

The manuscript must be written in English. The paper title should be written in Arial, 14 point. The section headings should be numbered, in Arial 10 pt bold, the sub-sections in Arial 10 pt italic. The standard font for the manuscript is Times New Roman for the text and Symbol for special characters. Body text should be justified, 12 pt, in single column format.

The paper size is A4 (210 mm x 297 mm). Margins are 19.0 mm top; 25.4 mm right and bottom and 30.0 mm left. Do not change the paper formatting and do not insert page numbers! Papers using incorrect formatting may be rejected for publication in the proceedings if the author does not make corrections. Insert the lead authors name in header starting on the second page. References must be made exactly as shown in the example given below.

Number the sections and sub-sections, and do not use automatic paragraph numbering.

  1. Tables, figures, equations, and lists

3.1. Tables (Heading1.1)

All figures and tables should be cited in the text, numbered in order of appearance and followed by a centered title. All table columns should have a brief explanatory heading.

Tab. 1: Table captions (8 pt) should be justified as block and placed above the table

(Table Figure Caption)

Table Header Table Header Header
Tables Table Text Text

3.2. Figures

Figures should be with a resolution of minimum 300 dots per inch and followed by a figure caption, justified as block.


Fig. 1: Figure captions (8 pt) should be justified as block and placed below the figure

  1. References


Please use the guidelines given in attachment for referencing. Harvard Referencing Guides have been used for this purpose as a sample.