FOREIGN AID: THE LITMUS TEST -Efficiency, Effectiveness, Relevance, Impact or Sustainable?

by Bongs Lainjo


Dear Mr. Bongs,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus!

We thank you for generous donation of 15 laptop computers to Bishop Barham University College.

All the fifteen (15) laptop computers are in very good working condition since the time we received them, and are serving us in training of our students.

BBUC has been training students in the BSc. Information Technology, Business Computing, Computer education for secondary school teachers and Basic Computing skills.

September 2015 we shall have our third in-take and our pioneer students will join their final year of study at BBUC. Each year the College recruits new students and in the coming academic year we have projected receiving 500 new students. This will further increase our numbers but reduce the student-computer ratio.

The following students have been trained under the listed programs

The B.Sc. Information Technology program currently has a total number of 22 students (9 in Year I and 13 in year II) who have been trained.
Under Basic Computing course, over 1000 students have been trained.
160 students have been trained in Business computing
10 students have been trained in Computer education for secondary school teachers
In total 1192 students have been trained.

A computer lab has been prepared to cater for this program. This is a teaching and learning computer lab. The space planned for in this room is to host 100 students at one sitting with a student-computer ration of 1:1. This computer lab has been networked and connected to the campus Local Area Network as well as the internet to facilitate research. It has been furnished with the necessary furniture i.e tables and chairs. The available computers have been marked (engraved) with BBUC/UCU logos and the College name, and locked onto the desks to prevent them from being stolen. A white board has been provided for use by the lecturer to protect the computers from chalk dust.

The laptops have been a great resource especially, considering that our students come from very poor families who have difficulty in raising the required University fees, but also cannot afford to buy their children computers to facilitate their course. This donation was timely and as a college we are very grateful.

BSc. Information Technology is a highly practical skills based program and students undertaking this program must have access to and interact with a computer for optimum learning.

N.B: The pictures of the laptops as set in the room and the entire room are attached. We have not sent the photo of one of the training sessions since our students taking computer courses are now off session. We shall take the photo and send it to you in September when these students will be in session.