Monitoring and Evaluation: Data Management Systems

by Bongs Lainjo

Seasons greetings everyone. Below is a synopsis and LINKS on the above book that I believe many of you will find helpful. Please do not hesitate to share it with friends, colleagues and appropriate parties. Bongs
In Monitoring and Evaluation, most manuals currently available emphasize either M and E or Evaluation. Here is a primer with a significant difference. If you are already an expert or still a neophyte with a strong urge to improve your skills including those who have always wanted to know but feared asking, here is a manual for you that is unique, inclusive, simple (no technical jargon) and practical in several extra ordinary ways.

The primer covers a range of concepts, illustrations and real life cases studies. The vignette on the cover is a comprehensive example of what it is all about.

The hand book leads the reader from a program management life cycle to strategic frameworks to a model designed by the author on performance indicators quality control including case studies. It has been implemented in Asia and Africa with an oral presentation made at a Canadian Evaluation Conference in Toronto, Canada. The real life cases include basic and advanced studies like randomized control trials using a quasi experimental design conducted during one of the author’s evaluation assignments.

The data management systems (DMS) section follows the same approach above with a framework that includes all the relevant DMS components including sections on basic statistics complemented with illustrations and more real life case studies. Concepts, illustrations and cases cover statistical means, sampling protocols and student, (t) test among others.
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